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What We Did Before
Posted on 01.14.10 by carebearkids @

What did we do before we had the use of credit cards. I don’t know because I can’t remember, but something tells me there was a lot less stress in our everyday lives.
I use them, but very little. I don’t like the way interest rates rise, and the credit card companies don’t even have to inform it’s cardholders. I do not like paying interest, so I pay my card off every month. It has been working well for me, but now it looks like people like me will be paying interest rates anyway. This will not work for me.
Why do we have to pay interest when we pay our cards off every month? Could it be that we are paying for thoes who do not even pay their bills. There were two words for these people back in the day they were called deadbeats, now if you pay off your balance monthly, you are being referred to as being a deadbeat. I resent this.

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